Mantrandala Breathing Meditation

Mantrandala Breathing Meditation is the silent, rhythmic breath voking1 of numinous sounds temporally and spatially constructed in a mandalic figure.

For eons the Wise have used various practices to focus awareness, thereby enhancing conditions for Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Illumination, Liberation or whatever term is used for being One with the Infinite 2.

Mantrandala Breathing Meditation is a powerful, effective and beneficent synergy of three of these practices (in order of importance):

1. Breathing – all of the world’s spiritual traditions have, more or less, special breathing techniques; the most developed, and well known, is the yogic system from ancient India called pranayama
2. Silently and rhythmically sounded mantramantra is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word for a sacred phrase, or numinous sound(s); also variously known as prayer, hymn, incantation, etc.
3. Visualization and spatial patterning of the syllabic mantra with an associated yantra (or mandala)- yantra being the transliteration of the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram; also sometimes evidenced by, and referred to as, “sacred geometry”

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1 from the Latin vocare “to call”…here used to combine the essence of invoke and evoke
2 This is a disclaimer, of sorts. The following are two (of certainly numerous) conditions when what you have already been gifted with could possibly preclude the usefulness of Mantrandala Breathing for your embodiment: 1) your life is full of truly selfless service and/or 2) you are able to steadfastly focus upon the Seer and not the seen.